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Pete Perez



My journey began 27 years ago working in a group home. I still remember the fun and fulfillment experienced in those early years, supporting the needs of the individuals in the home. I was very inexperienced, made many mistakes, and often found myself manipulated by the residents of the home. It was a huge learning curve at first. While I had gone into this field thinking I was making a difference in the lives of others, as it turned out, they were changing my life and my perspectives in ways I would carry with me throughout the rest of my life...

William Kelsey

Chief Operating Officer-COO

Favorite Ice-Cream: Mint chocolate chip

Most memorable moment with a Participant: 

All the memories of singing and dancing in my office.

Top 5 movies:  Grind, Forrest Gump, Happy Gilmore, Stepbrothers, The Butterfly Eff

What is a personal goal? To be the best dad I can be.

What is your favorite memory of your childhood? Growing up in a household of 13 kids, my siblings are my world.

Philosophy: hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and fully accept either outcome.

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Reese Perez

Chief Strategy Officer-CSO

Favorite Ice-Cream: Chocolate Brownie 

Most memorable moment with a Participant: My most memorable moment with a participant was when Mike G. and I played football at the beach with his peers. 

Top 5 movies: 1. The Godfather, 2. Rudy 3. Scarface 4. Tropic Thunder 5. Wolf of Wall Street

What is a personal goal? To impact those around me in a positive way. 

What is your favorite memory of your childhood? My favorite childhood memory was getting to go fishing in Mexico with my family. 

Philosophy: Don't put off to tomorrow with what you can do today. 

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Maggie Woodhouse



Yesenia Jaimes

Favorite Ice-Cream: Chocolate

Most memorable moment with a Participant: AEC Christmas Party, dancing, singing, activities with all AEC participants!

Top 5 movies:  The Fault in Our Stars, Instructions Not Included, I Still Believe, The Blind Side, The Pursuit of Happiness.

What is a personal goal? Personal goal would be to start an event planning business with my youngest sibling.

What is your favorite memory of your childhood? Favorite childhood memory traveling to Mexico with Family and spending the holidays with them.

Philosophy: The one who falls and gets up is stronger than the one who never tried. Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying

Favorite Ice Cream: Vanilla or Coffee

Most memorable moment with a Participant: I will always remember the moments when we sit and worked together towards the common goal of development and growth.

Top 5 movies:  Sweet Home Alabama, 13 Going on 30, Titanic, Anchorman, Billy Madison

What is a personal goal? To live a happy life; supporting, loving, and making lasting memories with my loved ones.

What is your favorite memory of your childhood? Summertime with family and friends.

Philosophy: “I think everybody should study ants. They have an amazing four-part philosophy. Never give up, look ahead, stay positive and do all you can.” — Jim Rohn

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