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Couple Promise Rings Set - meaning and when to give it

Diamond rings make a wonderful present for a variety of occasions. The wedding proposal is the most important however, you can also present a diamond ring to mark an anniversary or graduation or the birth of a child or to commemorate an important event. Let's discover what the significance of the trinity ring, which is one of the most sought-after and sought-after rings for women.

The Trilogy Ring

This is among the most sought-after diamond rings for women. It is typically constructed of gold or platin and has three precious stones. The three stones are typically brilliant cut diamonds. However, based on the preferences of the buyer and the recipient, other stones such as sapphires, rubies or emeralds could also be utilized.

Diamonds are the most popular precious stone used in trilogie rings. The selection of diamonds isn't just because they look beautiful but also because they are symbolic: diamond is a precious, durable stone that is enduring as true love. The three stones are either of equal weight or the two lateral stones are equally while the central stone is bigger.

The meaning behind trilogy rings

This ring is not just stunning, but it also has a profound significance. The three stones symbolize love from the past ("I loved you") present ("I love You") and the future ("I will always love you forever").

The trilogies rings are a symbol of the eternal love.

There are many other meanings that could be associated with the trilogy rings.

A religious one, based on the belief that three stones symbolize the Trinity: the Father and Son, as well as the Holy Spirit, who will bless the union of lovers;

Another is an interpretation of the number 3. It is an emblem of purity, strength, and love.

The diamond trilogy could also be seen as an unbroken family that is forever bonded through the birth of their child.

When should I gift this ring to someone else as an present?

A lot of you are thinking about when the perfect time to gift the trio ring as a gift, or in what circumstances.

The trilogy is a well-known engagement ring design It is also a popular gift to celebrate the birth of a child or an anniversary wedding.

The most appropriate times to present an earring in a trio to a woman is:

A marriage proposal is a engagement ring that proclaims love forever for the bride to be. Love that has been present in the past, and will continue to live in the future.

To commemorate a special occasion The ring is a symbol of the birth of a child, which symbolizes a long-lasting bond between two lovers.

What factors should you take into consideration when choosing a trilogy ring?

Diamanti Anversa, a firm that specializes in diamonds, can assist you in making the best choice based on four physical characteristics:





How do you determine the carat weight of diamonds?

Carats are used to determine the weight of the precious stone. 1ct is 0.2 grams. A trilogy ring is created by using 3 diamonds equal in weight, or with two diamonds that are equal in weight, with the largest diamond in the center.

Trilogy rings can be purchased with brilliants that weigh 0.30 ct, diamonds that weigh 0.50 ct, or a central diamond that weighs one carat, with the lateral diamonds that weigh half one carat.

Diamanti Anversa's gemologists can help you select the right trilogy for you.

How do you choose the diamond's color?

The most well-known diamonds used in jewelry are colorless diamonds which form part of the "Cape Series".

The colors of the so-called fancy colored diamonds, such as orange, green, rose, pink, and blue, are more rare. These diamonds, in reality, are the most expensive.

Our team of experts will guide you through the entire buying process of the trilogy ring, providing suggestions regarding the diamond's qualities and the setting.

We suggest that you design jewelry with colors ranging that range from D to I.

How can you determine the purity of diamonds?

Get advice from us on how to select the quality of diamonds to be set in your trilogy ring. Sometimes, you can make an impressive impression without spending money on diamonds that are extremely pure.

Even diamonds with tiny inclusions that can only be observed through a magnifying glass of a gemologist appear stunning when cut into jewels. The proportions of a diamond are essential for the brilliance and refraction of diamonds.

Diamanti Anversa's goldsmiths are professional and create stunning trinity rings that are unique and personal. They even let you to design your own jewelry by starting with your own design.

Diamanti Anversa's gemologists are experts and can assist you make the right decision.


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